Advanced dialogue

Does it symbolize the unknown?
But all things are unknown.

Perhaps mystery?

Don’t say it, we hide enough of it in our minds.

Adventure then.
Nonsense, we play everything for safety.

But it can’t be, the sea must be hinting at something,
not even for a moment does it remain indifferent. You can see that.

I don’t see anything but I feel you
when thoughts sweep along the open sea.
Call them waves if you must or anything you like.

Look here, we’ve only just equated
for you waves may well be giant thoughts
whereas for me it’s a striking folding.

One more test in the world.
A mutually accepted language doesn’t mean identification.
Even if a wave remains just a wave
we can easily sink.

Thoughts travel in such troubled waters, mate!

That’s why we make a mess of things.