Eucalyptus tree

You take a sharp turn coming out of the National Road.
At the far end, we, the cool eucalyptus trees.
We stand guards for greatness.
If you turn down the radio
all the more you’ll have the rustling for co-driver .

What an unfavourable magic.
As long as you daren’t change life
all is a mistake, landscapes, trips, co-drivers.

No more evasions.
This is no trip. Sheer solitude.

I, the eucalyptus tree, am telling you so, you can’t get away.
If you haven’t a rooted course, driving off would be incomprehensible.
You’ll be the problem, never the solution.
You’ll look in nature like a strange feature.
And in your eyes, if you have eyes,
in solitude you’ll stay, and continue staying.