Gruppo di famiglia in un interno

Ο Burt Lancaster, ο Helmut Berger, η Claudia Marsani και ο Stefano Patrizi στο Gruppo di famiglia in un interno (1974) του Luchino Visconti. Ακούγεται το τραγούδι «Testarda Io» με τη Iva Zanicchi.


Το ποίημα του W.H. Auden που απαγγέλλει η  Claudia Marsani στον Burt Lancaster

W.H. Auden

When you see a fair form, chase it
And if possible embrace it.
Be it a girl or a boy.
Don’t be bashful: be brash, be fresh.
Life is sort, so enjoy
Whatever contact your flesh
May at moment crave:
There’s no sex life in the grave.